Ignore George Bernard Shaw! Teach others, as well as yourself, about the indelible art of New Mexico rooted in Indigenous, Hispanic, and Anglo traditions. The new Docent Class taught by Chris Nail, Museum Educator/Volunteer Coordinator and Rebecca Aubin, Head of Education and Visitor Experience will take place from January 8th through August 22nd 2019. This is equivalent to two college level semesters of Art History, New Mexico History, and Learning Theories, all for free.

Head of Education, Rebecca Aubin

 A Docent is anyone who promotes learning -  learning for self, students, inhabitants, and visitors. A Docent trains and prepares to add knowledge, judgement, and enjoyment. As a docent you will experience the myriad methods of engaging in school tours, public tours, and special adult tours. The Museum hosts visitors from across the state, the country, and the world. You will serve as a direct representative, not just of the museums of Santa Fe, but of the cultural riches of the City Different. You will join the Docents from other venues such as the Institute of American Indian Arts, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, La Fonda Hotel,  the International Folk Art Museum, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, the SITE Museum. As a Docent you will enjoy definite benefits beside self-enrichment, such as free admission to state museums, discounts to gift shops, monthly art classes, dedicated field trips and tours.

Most of all, you will be engaging in interactive dialogues with similarly enthusiastic and talented classmates, as well as instructors. There will be guest instructors, such as curators from the New Mexico Museum of Art and other museums, authors, and artists. The curriculum of the program will emphasize: the history of the Museum itself, the organization and purpose of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Art Theory and Principles of Criticism, Learning Styles, Visual Thinking Strategies, Touring Practices. There will be opportunities to shadow existing docents and to generate written reflections. It will be intensive work, but so rewarding in the knowledge and friendships you will develop. You do not have to be a working artist or an art historian; you just need a love a learning and an appreciation of the arts.

One of our current docents, Bonnie Binkert

This upcoming year will be particularly rich in exhibits you will be able to explore and share with others:

GOOD COMPANY - Starting in the early 20th century, American artists from back East settled in New Mexico to form communities with the purpose of honoring historical roots, reflecting unique topography and light, and promoting their careers in a supportive environment. You will learn about the Taos Society of Artists, Los Cinco Pintores, the Transcendental Painting Group, the Rio Grande Painters, and the Stieglitz Circle. You will appreciate the talents of such artists as Jozef Bakos, Will Shuster, Andrew Dasburg, Georgia O’Keefe, Marsden Hartley, Joseph Henry Sharp. Don’t feel overwhelmed; just be grateful for the opportunity.

WAIT UNTIL DARKThis exhibit of paintings, prints, and photographs emphasizes the varying power and depiction of light at night, twilight, moonlight. Moods and stories can be peaceful or threatening, revelatory or ambiguous. You be the judge.

CARVED & CAST: 20TH CENTURY NEW MEXICAN SCULPTURE Experience abstract and realistic sculptures such as portraits, busts, animals by New Mexican artists. Different materials, as well as social and aesthetic themes will be presented.

SHOTS IN THE DARK – “Photography” literally means written in light, but these photographs concentrate on writing or looking in the dark. Contemporary photographers study the landscape between dusk and dawn. The more that is hidden, the more that becomes clear.

There are so many rewards for engaging in the Docent Program. By supporting your community you will ultimately be supporting yourself as a citizen of Santa Fe.

These are the important details:

Twice weekly classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:00 – 4:00.

January 8 – August 22, 2019

If you are interested in participating, you can fill out the Volunteer Application Form on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Nail at 505 476 5075.

Join us now.

Sharon McCawley
Current Docent