Today's blog post was written by Sharon McCawley, a current docent at the Museum who moved to Santa Fe three years ago from Los Angeles. She was an educational therapist and the Coordinator for the Arts Program for her school specializing in drama, opera, dance, playwriting, and visual arts.

Christina Marshall

It is with a mixture of appreciation and sadness that we simultaneously introduce and bid farewell to Christina Marshall, the Intern for the New Mexico Museum of Art. Christina is a 22 year old senior at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and will be a member of the last graduating class of that school on Friday, May 11, 2018.

For the past four months, Christina has been an aid and an inspiration for all of us here at the museum. She has scanned, catalogued, surveyed, photographed, attended both symposia and open houses, and she has learned to plan for her future career.

Christina wanted to serve as an intern so that she could further expand her interests in library sciences and photography, with the hope of developing her professional goals . Christina comes from Belen, New Mexico and regrets the lack of library access and field trips in her home town. She did not visit a museum herself until she was a freshman at the University. Students should not have to wait that long. She hopes to develop programs to provide community based artistic experiences in small towns like Belen. Christina's goal is to combine social media access and interactive technology with actual reading rooms and local gallery space. Students will then learn how to access current artists, as well as be given the opportunity to take art classes and display their own works.

To further these worthy plans, Christina, first of all, wants to spend the summer visiting all the museums in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Then, in the fall, she will start taking online classes for an advanced degree in library sciences at San Jose State University.

Christina's message to us all is an expression of appreciation and practicality. She realizes how hard it will be for our museum and her future learning center to grow if they are understaffed and under funded. Please support the arts in your community. Visit and Enjoy!

Congratulations Christina!