inside Pollination

Visitors to the museum's contemporary art exhibition, Contact : Local to Global, can't miss Postcommodity's Pollination. Postcommodity is an indigenous artist collective composed of Raven Chacon, Cristobal Martinez and Kade L. Twist. Pollination is an interactive installation on loan from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The piece is constructed to look like a peepshow from the outside and visitors are encouraged to sit down, insert a token to make the blinds rise and see a beautiful garden of plants and butterflies.


Pollination is a witty commentary on consumerism and the exploitation of natural resources in pursuit of money and cheap thrills. It envisions a future (or present?) that is precisely the opposite of the name of the collective (post means after and commodity is a product for sale). Given the scarcity of water and plants in the Southwest and the global shortage of pollinating insects, it's not too difficult to imagine a world in which humans would be willing to pay to see what's left of nature.