ART Santa Fe Keynote


ART Santa Fe Keynote

ART Santa Fe Keynote

JULY 12, 2014
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

From his early background studying art history at Yale and the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU, and his doctoral work at Johns Hopkins University, to his position as the Winship Distinguished Research Associate Professor of Art History at Emory University, James Meyer has been immersed in the world of Modern Art both in study and practice, as a curator, writer, and professor. Early on in his career, Meyer curated an exhibition titled, “What Happened to Institutional Critique?” at the American Fine Arts Gallery in SoHo which garnered a great deal of attention. He gathered a group of artists engaged in critical practices around institutions, including museums. This exhibition would prove to be the launch of a successful career.

In addition to his work teaching, Meyer received research fellowships from the Smithsonian Institute and the Clark Art Institute. Meyer has written widely, including catalogs for artists such as Howard Hodgkin, Ellsworth Kelly, Mel Bochner, Eva Hesse, Anne Truitt, and Andrea Fraser. His essays have appeared in such journals as OCTOBER, Grey Room, and Artforum, where he is a contributing editor. Meyer’s book, Minimalism: Art and Polemics in the Sixties, received excellent reviews, including this from Pepe Karmel at Art in America: “By far the best account to date of Minimalism’s development and the essential point of departure for all future research on the subject.”  

In Meyer’s time as an Associate Curator at the National Gallery, he has had a profound influence. He has curated two exhibitions, “In the Tower: Mel Bochner,” and “In the Tower: Kerry James Marshall.” The exhibition of Marshall’s work was a landmark exhibition for the National Gallery, marking the first time a living African American artist had been given a solo exhibition at the museum. His next exhibition, From Los Angeles to New York: The Dwan Gallery 1959-1971 is scheduled for autumn 2016 in honor of Ms. Dwan’s promised gift of her collection to the National Gallery.  

Meyer’s lecture, “Children of the Sixties,” is taken from his current book in progress: Return to the Sixties: On the Meaning of the Sixties in Art and Culture. The project looks at the way artists born in the Sixties (a period from 1955 to 1979) continually return to the political and cultural milieu of that period in their work. The act of revisiting that time serves both as tribute and memorial. There is a sort of nostalgia for the Sixties as a time of radicalism and the avant-garde.  But the revisiting of the Sixties within contemporary practice also simultaneously signals its passing.

James Meyer’s keynote lecture on Saturday, July 12 promises to be a fascinating addition to the dazzling array of events, installations, and offerings at this summer’s edition of ART Santa Fe. The fair, running from July 10 - 13 in the ancient heart of The City Different at the eco-friendly Santa Fe Convention Center, will bring together galleries, artists, and collectors from all over the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  

The lecture has been made possible by Art Santa Fe Presents, a not-for-profit corporation, through the generous contributions of private donors.

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