Transcendental Painters Group - 1/15/2015

Art underwent dramatic changes in the early 20th Century, and New Mexico artists played a major role in the metamorphosis. Artist Raymond Jonson founded a group in 1938, which called itself the Transcendental Painters Group.  Members included Jonson, Bill Lumpklins, Emil Bisstram, Ed Garman, Florence Miller Pierce, Horace Towner Pierce, Agnes Pelton, Stuart Walker, Dane Rudhyar, and Lawren Harris. Its approach to art was to create non-objective paintings - "abstractive" works -that broke away from traditional approaches, thus : "transcended" them. Thus TPG disbanded in 1942 largely because of the Second World War's plummeting effect upon its general enthusiasm. But the abstract approach to art has remained a vital influence in the field of art to the present day. The New Mexico Museum of Art is honored to own several works by these artists to continue their legacy.


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