New Additions to the Library - 9/15/2014

In November, this museum will be doing an entire exhibtion on artworks we have acquired in the past 4 years for the permanent collection. We have also added to the library and archives collections during this time. Building library and archival collections is a similar process to building an art collection.  In fact, sometimes books and archival materials are donated to the museum together as one collection. Throughout the museum's history we have always relied on donations from the community to build a research collection. Some of the largest collections of books have come from artists themselves. For example, local artist Vivian Sloan Fiske, gave us approximately 900 items on art-related subject matter (about half of them books) after she died in 1978.
Earlier this year, the museum was offered about 800 items about photography from a man named Dennis Cormier. Of those, we kept about 170.  Many of the books donated were rare and/or signed by the author. Some of the highlight of this donation include:
The list reads like a who's who of 20th and 21st century photographers. All of the books, catalogs and journals Mr. Cormier donated are listed in the library's catalog, SALSA. Cormier also donated a number of photographs to the museum over the years, a few of those will be on view in Hunting + Gathering : New Additions to the Museum’s Collection.

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