Forecast Cloudy - 1/12/2011

We are pleased to report some unusual weather here in Santa Fe – inside the museum. As part of our new year’s resolution to showcase the permanent collection, we’ve assembled the exhibition Cloudscapes. Another impetus for the show was discussing what features of New Mexico are so irresistible to artists (as well as to the rest of us).

As Photography Curator, I can certainly attest to enduring appeal of this state’s landscape to photographers. What do you think of when you imagine New Mexico? One of the images foremost in my mind is open stretches of sky punctuated by a dizzying variety of cloud formations. That motivated me to look at the museum’s collection to see how clouds and the sky have been portrayed by photographers over the years. The result of my findings will go on view in mid-January, with the formal opening and public reception on the evening of February 4.

Many of the pictures are of storm clouds, because of their heightened visual drama, but artists also gravitated toward a solo cirrus cloud in an empty sky or the big spun-sugar variety. Come see us, rain or shine – and check out the January issue of New Mexico magazine, their annual photo contest issue, which features a group of luscious skyscapes by grand prize winner Leah Robertson of Albuquerque.

(above image)
Paul Caponigro (b. 1932)
Near Dixon, New Mexico, 1977
Gelatin silver print
Gift of Gil and Eileen Hitchcock; © Paul Caponigro.


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