Cypher Space - May 26, 2009

Surprised by the look of the website?

The site has a new look, and has much more content than it did before. Regular visitors may notice fresher colors and maybe the new logo. But what I really want is for you to be drawn in, and find art or information that brings you into the museum or back to the site for more exploring.

The blog is part of what is new. As the webperson (and librarian), I took the liberty of writing the introductory blog. I am new to the art museum world, and what surprised me here were the stories. The stories behind works of art, the artist’s life or events in the world, have made me love (or sometimes loathe) a piece, but with some understanding of it, rather than merely a gut-reaction to it.

One piece in the current Intertwined exhibition, brings an emotional response whenever I think about it, now that I know the story. The Eye of the Beholder presents a delicate, lacy body-covering below a glaring leathery face mask of stitched grapefruit peels. It made me uneasy. But, knowing that the piece was created to honor the artist’s sister, a beautiful young woman who had become disfigured and was literally stitched back together, I now see the work as powerful and proud.

So, the blog will bring stories of some of the art in the museum, but also of the museum itself and its staff. I hope that these stories will let visitors find layers of meaning in the works of art, and meaning in a public museum of art.  I think the staff’s real commitment to bringing forth meaning they have found in work here will be very evident in the blogs in coming months. Behind-the-scenes stories, curators’ perspectives, artists’ quandaries and so forth will connect human experience with art, to increase understanding. We hope you will enjoy the Cypher Space.

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